What Is the Best Memory Config for RubyMine?

RubyMine has become awesomer and awesomer over the years and is now my primary development tool for Rails development. One thing I’ve found frustrating however is that there is very little documentation on the best memory settings for your computer.

I’d like to get a thread going here with people identifying their computer, CPU, memory and config settings for RubyMine.

The config file can be located in the bin folder of your application. On my mac, the file is /Applications/RubyMine/bin/idea.vmoptions. If it doesn’t exist you may need to create it.

So here are my computer specs and vmoptions:

MacBook Pro Retina 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB memory


Please feel free to post yours in the comments below. I believe this will help others optimize their RubyMine experience.

Bootstrapping AngularJS With Yeoman

AngularJS is awesome.

If you are here, you already know that. If not, watch these videos.

Yeoman is awesome.

If you are here, you might not know that already. It is similar to middleman but is Node driven instead of ruby. For a kickstart, watch the screencast by Addi Osmani.

Yeoman also provides support for easy scaffolding, auto-compilation of CoffeeScript and Compass, live preview servers and more. Yup, I was just listing some of the features from their site.

Combine these together and you have an excellent solution to bootstrapping your AngularJS applications.

Airbrake Exception Logging in Your Grails Application

Airbrake has a Java library that can be used in your Grails application fairly easily. A couple of items that the library doesn’t do is make it simple to pass session / request data to Airbrake. I also found that the backtrace is somewhat jumbled when viewing it on Airbrake. Phuong LeCong wrote an excellent plugin to enhance the library. I have recently published an updated version of the plugin (with Phuong’s consent) to the Grails plugin repository.

Let’s take a look at how simple it is to use.

Tools I Use as a Developer

Like any craftsman, a developer has a toolbox filled with items that helps him perform his craft. At a recent ‘Tech Talk’ at One on One, I presented a few tools that I use in my day-to-day workings. At their request, I have compiled a list of each tool in my toolbox.

I would love it if you would also add in the comments the tools that you use. I’m sure there are plenty out there that would make my life easier!